The MAHI Difference

Certified. Knowledgeable. Accurate.

As a trusted independent home inspector it is my duty to deliver the best possible home inspection service. Using my background in both residential construction and commercial construction I am able to assess your home the right way, and relay that information to you in a manner you can understand. 

Whats included in an inspection?

How It Works - The Basics

Your home inspection starts with a thorough, detailed evaluation of your home and all of it's components.

  • You are encouraged to attend your home inspection, which on average can last 3-4 hours.
  • We will walkthrough the inspection findings, taking the time to make sure you understand what is being pointed out.
  • We will also walk through the maintenance things you will need to be aware of as a part of home ownership, very important in sustaining the functionality of your home.
  • You will receive a detailed inspection report via email 24 hours after the inspection with not only descriptions of defects, but pictures to correlate with each item.
  • I will be available for your home related questions after the home inspection because great service is on-going.


I want to schedule an inspection, but i'm very busy right now!

No worries, we got you covered, we'll call you.