MAHI’s values are the foundation and drive behind all we do:




 Therefore, our commitment to you is to:

Serve YOU in all we do. We believe the home inspection process should and must begin and end with you. Your inspection process will be customized to fit your concerns, needs, and timeframe. We will diligently complete your home inspection, “leaving no stone unturned”, exhausting every resource in doing so. Once completed we will ensure you are fully informed and understand your home’s present condition and maintenance concerns with confidence. 

We take pride in serving you because it’s all about YOU and your new home. Our goal in all we do is to assure you have all the information you need to make your home buying experience and decision with confidence!

We look forward to serving you and becoming your trusted resource for all things house related.

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What can I expect from MAHI?

We just finished an inspection with Marcus, it was one of the most amazing, informative sessions I’ve ever had. It was not only an inspection, it was a lesson on what a home and its functions are...
— Diego E.
Super helpful, worked really well with our schedule. He made sure to spend time with me after the inspection to talk me through everything...
— Lindsay B.
We have nearly 8 condos and I have seen many home inspectors come in, but you (Marcus) in my sincere judgement, are the hardest worker I’ve ever come across...
— Tas H.
He knows everything from top to bottom. I almost bought a house, that if I would have bought, I would have been in big trouble...
— Mike C.
He was very meticulous and thorough, looked over the house from top to bottom, all the nooks and crannys. He showed me everything i needed to know about the house....
— Corey B.

Taking care of you is serious business, so you can rest assured if we can get to it, it will be inspected....and you would be surprised at what we are able to get to.


I'm Buying a House

Your home inspection starts with a thorough, detailed evaluation of your home and all of it's components. The findings will be communicated verbally and written in a PDF report containing pictures of everything found.

I'm Selling My House

This is a fantastic way for you to learn exactly what will be found at your home when the buyers have an inspection performed, and give you a chance to repair any problems.

What Other Inspections Do You Offer

We offer a variety of additional inspections to ensure you have accurate results for all of your home related issues outside of the standard components, additional inspections include: Radon, WDI, Septic and more..



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